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I received my second issue of Cyclocross Magazine this week, and I can’t say enough about it.  If you are at all interested in cyclocross, you need to subscribe to this rag.  A one year subscription, four issues, starts at 16 bucks, and in my opinion is well worth the price.  So far they have had interviews with Jonathan Page, Katie Compton and Bart Wellens, which is not too shabby for a new publication.  The culture and tech articles are great as well, with articles like Bike Hacker and Confessions of a Sandbagger, they really help you get through a long off season.  Cyclocross Magazine is one of the few cycling magazines that I actually read from cover to cover, great job guys!  Here’s the link if you would like to learn more:



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Kevin Van Impe

This morning I read the most disturbing cycling doping story I have ever read.  No it didn’t involve a cyclist doping, it involved the testers.  I was unaware of this, but professional cyclist Kevin Van Impe recently lost his new-born son.  As a father I can’t even imagine what that must feel like, and my prayers go out to he and his family.  However to add insult to injury, a doping tester showed up to test Van Impe at the crematorium where he was grieving the death of his son.  What is wrong with these people?  Doping controls are important, but there has to be accommodations made for rare occurrences like this.  This is really unbelievable!  Are these people such mindless robots that they cannot adjust their plan based on the current situation?  Do you really think the guy just injected some EPO before going to make funeral arrangements?  C’mon, figure it out!

In a show of solidarity, the riders at Paris-Nice delayed their start by three minutes today to express their displeasure with this situation.

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