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I dislike Riccardo Ricco more today than I did before.  This morning I realized that he is not very bright in addition to being a big mouth.  Ricco was constantly trying to get Contador to work more and/or up the pace, which made absolutely no sense.  Contador was not only in the lead overall, but had a teammate up the road.  Furthermore, tommorow is the tial trial, which is Contador’s strength.  If Ricco wanted “to go” so bad, why didn’t he pull a Pantani, and attack?  I’ll tell you why, because he is a pansy.  Save your comments, I know he’d kill me and just about anyone else on the planet on any climb anywhere.  He is technically a professional for God’s sake.  However for someone that talks as much as he does, he didn’t exhibit that killer, ooops Cobra (?) instinct.   Is there such thing as the Cobra Instinct?  It probably consists of a bunch of hissing and spitting, followed by an attempt at a bite.  Anyway, I’ll say it again, Ricco’s issues are completely with his head.  Shut up and ride Ricco!


Anyway, it was tough seeing The Killer getting killed on the Mortirolo today.  I was really hoping to see something special from Di Luca, but it wasn’t meant to be. On the other hand, I guess I did.  Even though he got hammered, he still managed to fight through it and not give up.  If you were to put Di Luca’s brain into Ricco’s body, you would have an incredible cyclist.  I’ll have to get working on that.


Sella looked great again today, I really like that guy’s style.  He’s not afraid to attack, and seems to plan ahead for just the right time to go.  Today it led to a stage win.  At 36, Simoni showed some class today going it alone.  It didn’t result in a lot of time gained, but at least he made an effort.

We’ll see if anyone surprises in the time trial tomorrow.  I am hoping for Ricco to ride 2 seconds faster than Contador tomorrow.  I know it won’t happen, but if it did we would finally get to see Riccardo’s head actually explode.  I know it’s not nice, but it would make for good TV.


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Team High Road was money today at the Giro.  Unfortunately I was unable to watch it, but I did follow the live updates.  High Road set up a train that appeared to be taking Cavendish to another win.  However it was Greipel taking first with Cavendish second.  Apparently Cavendish was waiting for Bennati, who was on his wheel, to make a move before he was going to jump.  However the move by Bennati  never came and Greipel drilled it to the finish.  While I enjoy watching the great climbers engage each other inmountain battles, there is something awesome about a well executed lead-out train.  It seems so simple, yet few teams do it well these days.  Anyway, congratulations to High Road on an outstanding 1-2 finish today, I really like this team! 

My meeting with Cav at the start of Stage 7 of the 2008 Tour of California (Hincapie Wins!).  I spazzed out and couldn’t get the camera working, and Cav had places to be.

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I have had a lot of hits on my blog from people looking for information on the Garmin Edge, so I thought that I would give you an update on mine.  First of all, not having really trained with a heart rate monitor (HRM) before, I can tell you it really does make a difference.  Specifically, I found that I was training in Zone 3 and 4 almost all of the time.  I never really rode below zone 3 and therefore never really gave my body a chance to recover.  I am now taking time to do true recovery rides, and the difference is noticeable.  The Garmin does a great job in the HRM function, and I couldn’t be happier. 


The dust cover that I struggled with so much before is now much easier to put back in its place.  I have almost mastered the technique for replacing it, but I couldn’t even begin to explain it.  It is one of the great mysteries.


The big issue people seem to have is with the battery.  And as I explained before, Garmin’s email customer service is very little help.  However, if you are having issues with the battery not holding its charge overnight, I may have the fix for you.  After you are done with the unit, (downloaded data etc.) turn it off.  Then turn the unit on.  Then turn the unit off again.  Cycling through on and off a couple of times seems to fully power down the unit.  Otherwise it maintains contact with the satellites and never powers down.  You think that you have turned it off, but it is just in a state of suspension or something.


I have seen some negative things about the Garmin Edge 305, but I am very happy to date with mine.  I just wish the free software was better.  It is pretty good, just not great.  And Motion Based is in my opinion pretty expensive (95.40/year and more if you pay monthly).  The free version only lets you view your last 10 rides, and then the rides become unavailable.  I would love to hear if anyone has any suggestions, other than paying 100/year.


I also installed the “Garage Gorilla” recently.  It is pretty cool, and works well.  I’ll include some pics and more info later.





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