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As the picture shows, I have been a loyal Giro customer for many years.


So after a recent crash, I went to Roger at Newhall Bicycle Company to order a replacement Atmos.  He was more than happy to get one for me, but first wanted me to try out the LAS helmets.  First I tried out the Squalo.  This was a great helmet, but I ran into the same problem I have had for years.  With a 58-59cm head, I am kind of between sizes.  The medium always looks like I am wearing a kids helmet, and the large leaves a little too much space between the helmet and my head.

 Then I tried on the Istrion.  The Istrion comes in one size (I think), and offers a back strap that is both vertically and horizontally adjustable (very easily adjustable).  The other great feature is the removable liner.  Being follically challenged, I always feel like the inside of helmets sit a little hard on the top of my head if I am not wearing a skullcap of some sort.  The Istrion’s liner allows me to wear the helmet comfortably with or without a cap on.  There are also plenty of vents, and the weight is very light. 



Anyway this helmet is definitely the best (most comfortable) I have ever used, and I highly recommend it. 



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I was finally able to go to Interbike this year, which was pretty cool, however I was most excited about going to Cross Vegas.  Being in Southern California, we don’t get the chance to see the “Big Guns” of cyclocross racing locally.  Therefore I knew that the opportunity to see the men and women I have been reading about for so long in person was going to be a treat.  To be honest the only bad part of the whole trip was the fact that it was in Las Vegas.  I am not a “Vegas Guy”, and frankly find most of Las Vegas to be fairly gross.  This is probably due to the fact that I used to have to spend about half of every month there working for my old company.  Anyway, on to the races.




In case you haven’t heard by now Lance Armstrong was going to be racing in the men’s event.  While I know it is ultimately good for the sport, I got tired of hearing Dave Towel remind everyone that Lance was on his way.  It was cool to see Lance racing, but hearing about his pending arrival every 10 minutes was brutal.  “His plane just landed”  “He is in the limo” “Lance will be here soon”………..



The one interesting thing that I noticed was how similar this race was to our local races.  Even though something like 10,000 people were on there way, riders were hanging out, signing in, and warming up, just like any one of us does at a local race with 15 spectators.  It was pretty cool to see Katie Compton hanging out before the race talking to some people in her street clothes.  Then to seeing Ryan Trebon and Barry Wicks pre-riding the course together was great.  Call me a nerd, whatever. 


Southern California was represented in all three races, and it was fun cheering the locals on.  I am sure there were more, but Dorothy Wong, Chance Noble, Neil Browne and Brent Prenzlow were all on hand representing SoCal Cross.



I might have some new “Cross Favorites” in the Wells brothers.  It was really fun watching them sizing up the barriers before the race.  For those not familiar with Troy and Todd Wells, they are well known for bunny hopping barriers instead of running over them.  This, as it turns out, is a crowd favorite, with those not hopping the barriers getting boos instead of cheers.  I noticed a definite increase in the cheers and boos as more and more Dale’s Pale Ale was being consumed.  Not bad for a canned beer, but it doesn’t compare to Sierra Nevada.


Overall it was a really cool thing to see.  I had the opportunity to meet some really nice people, and watch some very good racing.  Oh yeah, Katie Compton won the women’s event and Ryan Trebon won the men’s.  Lance came in 22nd.  Yes, I know he crashed.




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