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You’ve all seen or heard about Lance Armstrong taking out the goofball with the fake syringe on stage 4 of the Tour of California.  If you haven’t here’s the first picture:


I guess that is some sort of Livestrong/Bee/Devil outfit.  My favorite part is the next picture.  If you look in the background you see Horner laughing.  Granted always seems to be smiling, but it’s funny anyway.  I think that Andy Schleck enjoyed the show as well.


I would have loved to hear the conversations after that one.  Overall the “superfans” that we’re found on the various climbs throughout the race were disturbing at best.  You had a dude with man boobs and wearing only speedo, a bunch of guys that looked like they either stepped out of an International Male catalog or a Village People audition, Longhorn and Elk horn guys (who I don’t mind, at least they’re professionals) and worst of all……”Baby Dangling Guy”.  Did anyone see this maniac on Palomar?  He ran along the peloton using his poor baby as a prop, dangling the kid around.  Furthermore, the kid didn’t even have clothes on.  Dad had him out there on Palomar Mountain in his diapers in February.  Nice.  What the hell is wrong with people anyway?


C'mon dude....really?

C'mon dude....really?

Anyway, it was a great race.  Except for the tag teaming Big George was the victim of on Saturday.  However I guess that’s what happens when you win the stage the previous year.  Here’s to the spring classics!


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Cavendish doesn’t look like he’s having fun.

Cavendish doesn't look like he's having fun.

Freire's face is priceless.  If only he had a leadout train.

Freire’s face is classic.  He’s wishing he had the leadout train.

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