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Tubeless for Cyclocross

I just received my Hutchinson Bulldog tires for the cross bike, and am very excited to get things set up.  The issue is the Stan’s No Tubes kit.  I am running Open Pro wheels with Chris King hubs, which seems pretty straightforward.  However from everything I have read, the Open Pro is one of the rims that there seems to be an issue with when setting it up for ‘cross.  I have read that the channel is too deep, making it necessary to run 1-3 rim strips along with the tape and the ‘cross specific strips.  Having read several different postings, I figured that I’d go directly to the source, to try to avoid wasting more time than necessary.  I emailed Stan’s and here’s the response:

“It depends on the rim.  Some people need to add some extra tape on top of the open pro to make the tires fit tight with our cyclocross rubber strip.”

It depends on the rim?  Aren’t all, if not most Mavic Open Pro rims the same?  I guess I have to just experiment, which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place.


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