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As I was participating in my morning ride, dodging cactus leaves (are pieces of cactus leaves?) in the “bike lane”, otherwise known as the gutter that runs along Newhall Ave., I was able to take time to think about the Floyd Landis bombshell dropped this morning.  It was only a month ago that I picked up Floyd’s book, Positively False at the .99 Cent store.  I have almost always been a Floyd fan, and wanted to check out the book in which he apparently denies doping over and over.  I say apparently because I haven’t read it, and frankly probably won’t now.  I also say that I was almost always a Floyd fan because I had to renounce my fanship when that guy, who I think was his manager, made the now infamous call to Greg Lemond where he decided that child molestation would be a humorous thing to bring up to Greg during Floyd’s hearing for doping.  Anyway, while Floyd didn’t make the call his manager did.  And as I have always believed, and tell my kids, you are who you hang with.

Floyd throwing Hincapie, Armstrong, Leipheimer and Zabriskie under the bus reeks of “Why did I get caught, and you guys didn’t”.  Do those guys dope?  I have no idea.  All I know is that they haven’t had any positive tests yet.  Personally, I feel that a lot of guys have doped and got away with it.  I also believe that many riders today are still doping, they are just able to hide it more effectively than others.  I hope that I am wrong.

I just think that it is unfortunate that this has to come out during The Giro and The Tour of California.  I am enjoying both very much, and it is a shame that cycling is once again going to be dragged through the mud during these great races.


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