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While Lance Armstrong was winning 7 Tours de France and taking over the world of American cycling, I always wondered why he didn’t have the the world champion stripes on his sleeves like everybody else who has won that prestigious event.  You see, if you win the world championship in cycling, the next year you get to wear a special jersey with the world champion stripes on it.  Then as an extra bonus, you get the honor of wearing the stripes on your sleeves for the rest of your career.  Lance never seemed to do that.  I am not sure if it was some kind of “not living in the past” kinda thing or what, but I rarely if ever saw him “showing his stripes”.

That all changed this year with Radio Shack.  I noticed right away that Lance was wearing the stripes.  I still don’t know why, but he was.  Is it a coincidence that this year, with the stripes, he has the worst luck of his entire Tour de France career?  Are the stripes responsible for 7 years of bad luck coming down on him in 3 weeks?


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