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Is it me, or is the coverage of the Tour of Utah pretty spotty?


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Morning Ride

The drivers of Santa Clarita were in rare form this morning.

To the man, woman or child driving the gold camry,
Passing my bike and I while we are traveling at 25+mph only to immediately brake so that you can make your right turn has the following effects:

  • It creates a very dangerous situation for me
  • It causes my adrenaline to flow, which tends to agitate me
  • It may cause me to respond in an aggressive manner
  • It may cause you to end up in jail like a certain doctor we all know and love.
The doctor's car

I also loved the woman in the white SUV who decided to brake at the green light when she saw me approaching from behind. Usually, maybe not always, green means go. Braking at a green light confuses me, and can also agitate me (some may say I am easily agitated).

Lastly to the citizens who feel the need to drink and drive, and them throw your glass empties out into the gutter. You are truly wonderful people.

Now I feel better.

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