With the World Championships coming up this weekend, thought I’d share something from the Cyclocross Channel.

Wishing Katie Compton good luck and good health this weekend!


Ambrosio Tubular Wheelset

It’s not often that I see something that I must have, but this may be it.  Nothing says Northern Classics like these wheels and tires.  Plus, they’d look sweet on the Torelli. 

Too bad 1200 bucks is not in my current budget.


Tubeless for Cyclocross

I just received my Hutchinson Bulldog tires for the cross bike, and am very excited to get things set up.  The issue is the Stan’s No Tubes kit.  I am running Open Pro wheels with Chris King hubs, which seems pretty straightforward.  However from everything I have read, the Open Pro is one of the rims that there seems to be an issue with when setting it up for ‘cross.  I have read that the channel is too deep, making it necessary to run 1-3 rim strips along with the tape and the ‘cross specific strips.  Having read several different postings, I figured that I’d go directly to the source, to try to avoid wasting more time than necessary.  I emailed Stan’s and here’s the response:

“It depends on the rim.  Some people need to add some extra tape on top of the open pro to make the tires fit tight with our cyclocross rubber strip.”

It depends on the rim?  Aren’t all, if not most Mavic Open Pro rims the same?  I guess I have to just experiment, which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place.


You may have already read the Velo News article about the failure of a Mavic R-Sys front wheel during a recent race.  Yes, the same R-Sys wheel that was recalled recently.  If not, here is the link:


Now here is Mavic’s response:


Give me a break.  Why is there no damage to the fork?  Maybe because the rider was on a turn and went down on his side, with his body taking the damage.   To be fair, let’s say that the rider went down, and that is what caused the catastrophic failure of the wheel.  Is that acceptable to you?  It isn’t to me.  I personally do not want to ride a product that could disintegrate when I go down in a turn during a race.  Which is something that happens to crit riders all the time.  However, I still don’t believe that is what happened.  I know that I wasn’t there, and I am not an expert, but this is silly.  They start with rider error, and now they seem to be blaming every other part on the bike.  This should be interesting.  Mavic makes some good products, the Open Pro rim being one of them, but it may be time to pull the plug on this one.

I just did my first ride with my new Hudz, and so far they are very nice.  The fit is good, and they are very comfortable.  Not quite as comfortable as the Campy covers, but nice nonetheless.  Maybe I should have gone with yellow, but I like the green.



Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?

Alessandro Bertolini, the oldest rider in the 2009 Giro.

2009 Giro Stage 5


My thoughts on Stage 5:

  • Liquigas showed that at least for now, they can shred the field on the climbs
  • Basso made it look pretty easy today.  Was he really smiling, or was he doing his Chris Horner impression?
  • Levi, while maybe lacking some “punch” in his climbing ability,  looked as cool as the other side of the pillow today.  I am begining to wonder if he’s sandbagging, talking about how he can’t keep up with guys like DiLuca when they attack uphill.  It should be interesting.
  • Horner is “The Man”, enough said.  Okay maybe not enough.  Did Astana really “call him off” with 600m to go?  He sure looked like he was going for it, then seemed to just “sit up”.  Hmmm..  Regardless, he looked great today.  Here’s to skinny bald guys!
  • Why did Astana have THREE teamates back with Armstrong?  He was at his own pace, those guys were only there for moral/mechanical support.  It just seemed odd.  It was also “odd” to see Armstrong suffering off of the back like that, even though we all know that this isn’t Armstrong of old.  I still think that he has a stage in him though.
  • The Killer continues to look like Skeletor, and is showing good form


  • Menchov looked great, I wonder if he has the team to back him up.

It is still a very long race, but at least today we were able to sneak a peek at what is to come.  Oh, …….never mind, I don’t want to be one of those guys who complains about the commentators.  Again, I am just happy to have some regular coverage.