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2006 Poprad frame with American Classic CR-420 wheels

2006 Poprad frame with American Classic CR-420 wheels


I have been riding the American Classic 420 wheels for years now, and found them to be very dependable and fast.  Not overly quick, but fast.  However I have always ridden them as they are intended to be ridden, on the road.  This season I thought I’d try something new, and put them on the cross bike.  Considering that they are fairly light, as am I, and pretty durable, I figured I’d give it a shot.  It is always fun experimenting with new equipment.  I personally have only seen one other person riding these wheels on a cross bike, so there is certainly a question as to the off road durability.  As for tires, I put the Nokian Ravagozzi 35c tires on.  This is the knobbier version of the two Ravagozzis.  I have just started the experiment, but so far this setup appears to be very nice.  I usually ride open pros with Chris King hubs on the cross bike and enjoy them very much.  However it seems as though the 420s maintain momentum better.  Maybe it is the deeper rim/larger mass that makes that happen, I am just guessing, but it seems to be real.  Also, the tires with their larger volume really seem to roll through the soft and loose stuff very well.  The only issue with the tires is the difficulty finding replacements.

My only long term concern is the front hub.  I am not a heavyweight at 160 pounds, but that front hub is micro.  I have never had any issues on the road, but off the road could be a different story altogether.  I’ll keep the Open Pros/Chris Kings for the rougher stuff.


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