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Photo Sirotti

As everybody already knows, Fabian Cancellara won the 2010 edition of the Ronde va Vlaanderen.  If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, Cancellara simply put on a clinic.  Powering away from Boonen on the steepest part of the Kapelmuur while remaining seated was amazing to watch.  Over the top of the Kapelmuur he went in to time trial mode and  put over a minute into Boonen, making it look easy in the process.  He was so smooth, it didn’t look like he was even trying.

Of course my guy Hincapie finished 6th, again missing the critical move.  To his credit, he looked comfortable on the climbs.  He just failed to make the move when he needed to.  Will he make it through Roubaix this week without a mechanical?  Will he have the “killer” instinct and confidence to make a move?  Will he ride carbon wheels in a classic AGAIN? Who knows?  Certainly not me.  I do look forward to watching it though.

Photo Serotti

Photo Bettini


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Apparently Andre Greipel broke a wheel on the run in to the finsh on stage 2 at the Dauphine today, which led to Hincapie getting the green light to go for the win.  With that being said, I don’t know if it was a rim failure, or some sort of mechanical.  I am very curious what wheels Greipel was using today.  After Hincapie broke a wheel at Roubaix, granted carbon wheels are not really a good choice for cobbles, and now Greipel missing a shot at the sprint because of a broken wheel.  One has to wonder.  If he was running HED Stingers today like Hincapie was using at Roubaix, then maybe the folks at HED should take a look at the durability of that wheel.  But then again, I am no expert.

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Here is my one sided view of the 2008 version of Paris-Roubaix:

Hincapie and his teammate Roger Hammond position themselves in the lead group

Things look, good Hincapie and Hammond appear to be driving the pace and seem to be as comfortable as possible

Hincapie flats @ 56k to go

The lead group senses this misfortune and drills it

36k to go gap is 1:35 (turn out the lights)

Cancellara and Ballan let Boonen into the velodrome with them, bad idea (turn out the lights)

Boonen wins, Hincapie finishes 5+ minutes back in 9th

Am I crazy, or would it make sense to use some sealant like the kind available from Tufo and others  for a race like Roubaix?  I know about extra weight and so forth, but I think it is obvious that a flat at the wrong time makes weight and the other issues irrelevant.  

12 months and counting………


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Paris-Roubaix is my favorite single day race by far, it is truly the Queen of the Classics.  If you know anything at all about Roubaix, you understand my excitement.  The temperature on Sunday should be in the 40s with a 60% chance of rain, which should make for some exciting racing.  The odds of George Hincapie winning according to Unibet.com are 11-1.  I have realized that being a Hincapie fan is kind of like being a Notre Dame fan lately.  You keep hoping for the big result, but it doesn’t seem to pan out (with some notable exceptions).  Considering that I am a fan of both Hincapie and the Irish, it has not been easy (poor me).  I will keep my expectations low and just hope that George finishes, and does not suffer any serious injuries.  Anything more will be a bonus.  With that being said, I think Boonen wants to make a statement on Sunday so it is going to be a long day on the saddle.  I personally don’t think he was happy with Devolder at Flanders, although I could be wrong.  No matter what happens, Sunday will provide some great racing.  Go Hincapie!

Here are some images from Graham Watson to bring the beauty and pain of Paris-Roubaix to you:   

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