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While Lance Armstrong was winning 7 Tours de France and taking over the world of American cycling, I always wondered why he didn’t have the the world champion stripes on his sleeves like everybody else who has won that prestigious event.  You see, if you win the world championship in cycling, the next year you get to wear a special jersey with the world champion stripes on it.  Then as an extra bonus, you get the honor of wearing the stripes on your sleeves for the rest of your career.  Lance never seemed to do that.  I am not sure if it was some kind of “not living in the past” kinda thing or what, but I rarely if ever saw him “showing his stripes”.

That all changed this year with Radio Shack.  I noticed right away that Lance was wearing the stripes.  I still don’t know why, but he was.  Is it a coincidence that this year, with the stripes, he has the worst luck of his entire Tour de France career?  Are the stripes responsible for 7 years of bad luck coming down on him in 3 weeks?


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As I was participating in my morning ride, dodging cactus leaves (are pieces of cactus leaves?) in the “bike lane”, otherwise known as the gutter that runs along Newhall Ave., I was able to take time to think about the Floyd Landis bombshell dropped this morning.  It was only a month ago that I picked up Floyd’s book, Positively False at the .99 Cent store.  I have almost always been a Floyd fan, and wanted to check out the book in which he apparently denies doping over and over.  I say apparently because I haven’t read it, and frankly probably won’t now.  I also say that I was almost always a Floyd fan because I had to renounce my fanship when that guy, who I think was his manager, made the now infamous call to Greg Lemond where he decided that child molestation would be a humorous thing to bring up to Greg during Floyd’s hearing for doping.  Anyway, while Floyd didn’t make the call his manager did.  And as I have always believed, and tell my kids, you are who you hang with.

Floyd throwing Hincapie, Armstrong, Leipheimer and Zabriskie under the bus reeks of “Why did I get caught, and you guys didn’t”.  Do those guys dope?  I have no idea.  All I know is that they haven’t had any positive tests yet.  Personally, I feel that a lot of guys have doped and got away with it.  I also believe that many riders today are still doping, they are just able to hide it more effectively than others.  I hope that I am wrong.

I just think that it is unfortunate that this has to come out during The Giro and The Tour of California.  I am enjoying both very much, and it is a shame that cycling is once again going to be dragged through the mud during these great races.

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My thoughts on Stage 5:

  • Liquigas showed that at least for now, they can shred the field on the climbs
  • Basso made it look pretty easy today.  Was he really smiling, or was he doing his Chris Horner impression?
  • Levi, while maybe lacking some “punch” in his climbing ability,  looked as cool as the other side of the pillow today.  I am begining to wonder if he’s sandbagging, talking about how he can’t keep up with guys like DiLuca when they attack uphill.  It should be interesting.
  • Horner is “The Man”, enough said.  Okay maybe not enough.  Did Astana really “call him off” with 600m to go?  He sure looked like he was going for it, then seemed to just “sit up”.  Hmmm..  Regardless, he looked great today.  Here’s to skinny bald guys!
  • Why did Astana have THREE teamates back with Armstrong?  He was at his own pace, those guys were only there for moral/mechanical support.  It just seemed odd.  It was also “odd” to see Armstrong suffering off of the back like that, even though we all know that this isn’t Armstrong of old.  I still think that he has a stage in him though.
  • The Killer continues to look like Skeletor, and is showing good form


  • Menchov looked great, I wonder if he has the team to back him up.

It is still a very long race, but at least today we were able to sneak a peek at what is to come.  Oh, …….never mind, I don’t want to be one of those guys who complains about the commentators.  Again, I am just happy to have some regular coverage.

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You’ve all seen or heard about Lance Armstrong taking out the goofball with the fake syringe on stage 4 of the Tour of California.  If you haven’t here’s the first picture:


I guess that is some sort of Livestrong/Bee/Devil outfit.  My favorite part is the next picture.  If you look in the background you see Horner laughing.  Granted always seems to be smiling, but it’s funny anyway.  I think that Andy Schleck enjoyed the show as well.


I would have loved to hear the conversations after that one.  Overall the “superfans” that we’re found on the various climbs throughout the race were disturbing at best.  You had a dude with man boobs and wearing only speedo, a bunch of guys that looked like they either stepped out of an International Male catalog or a Village People audition, Longhorn and Elk horn guys (who I don’t mind, at least they’re professionals) and worst of all……”Baby Dangling Guy”.  Did anyone see this maniac on Palomar?  He ran along the peloton using his poor baby as a prop, dangling the kid around.  Furthermore, the kid didn’t even have clothes on.  Dad had him out there on Palomar Mountain in his diapers in February.  Nice.  What the hell is wrong with people anyway?


C'mon dude....really?

C'mon dude....really?

Anyway, it was a great race.  Except for the tag teaming Big George was the victim of on Saturday.  However I guess that’s what happens when you win the stage the previous year.  Here’s to the spring classics!

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George Hincpaie rode to 57th place in the 2009 Cancer Council Classic in Australia yesterday. I have to assume George’s big goals for the hour long crit were to check his racing legs and not crash. Job well done. Here is a pic of him in the new kit.

The new kit is starting to grow on me.

The new kit is starting to grow on me.

And here is something you probably haven’t seen, George and Lance riding on different teams.

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