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Morning Ride

The drivers of Santa Clarita were in rare form this morning.

To the man, woman or child driving the gold camry,
Passing my bike and I while we are traveling at 25+mph only to immediately brake so that you can make your right turn has the following effects:

  • It creates a very dangerous situation for me
  • It causes my adrenaline to flow, which tends to agitate me
  • It may cause me to respond in an aggressive manner
  • It may cause you to end up in jail like a certain doctor we all know and love.
The doctor's car

I also loved the woman in the white SUV who decided to brake at the green light when she saw me approaching from behind. Usually, maybe not always, green means go. Braking at a green light confuses me, and can also agitate me (some may say I am easily agitated).

Lastly to the citizens who feel the need to drink and drive, and them throw your glass empties out into the gutter. You are truly wonderful people.

Now I feel better.


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Click to open image!This Saturday Newhall Bicycle Company is marking the end of Summer with a 7:30 am road ride followed by a BBQ and sale at the shop.  It sounds like the road ride will venture into the sf valley and then towards the beach for a ride totaling about 75 miles.  There will be a shortened route option as well with a detour up the infamous Box Canyon.  That ride should total about 37 miles.  Either way it should be a good time for all.  If you can’t make the ride, come by the shop afterward and see if you can round up some deals and grub.

As of right now there is no mountain ride planned.  If people are interested in getting one together, call the shop and let Roger know.


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Finding a good bike shop is kind of like finding a good auto mechanic or contractor.  Once you find them, you’ll never go anywhere else.  That is what happened with Newhall Bicycle Company and me.  Over my life, I’ve been to my fair share of bike shops, and I am used to the various elitist attitudes and “hard sells” that you can find in shops.  Generally the bike these shops “sell” you on is either the model they are trying to get rid of, or what they can make the most money on.   Either way, it is generally not what is in your best interest. 


This brings me to Roger Hasper at Newhall Bicycle Company.  Rest assured, Roger will always sell you what will work best for you, not him.  Basically, tell him what you want to do with the bike, and he will get something that will fit your needs and budget.  The only “hard sell” you’ll ever get is for Campagnolo.  It is always in good fun, but Roger is a firm believer that Campy is best, and he is not afraid to share that opinion.  Heck, he converted me.  I was a long time Shimano guy, and never saw any reason to switch, until I did.  Anyway, that is another story, for another time.   

If you are in Santa Clarita this weekend for the Tour, stop by the shop and see what it is all about.   

24343 Railroad Ave.Newhall, CA 91321, 661-284-6187

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