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You may have already read the Velo News article about the failure of a Mavic R-Sys front wheel during a recent race.  Yes, the same R-Sys wheel that was recalled recently.  If not, here is the link:


Now here is Mavic’s response:


Give me a break.  Why is there no damage to the fork?  Maybe because the rider was on a turn and went down on his side, with his body taking the damage.   To be fair, let’s say that the rider went down, and that is what caused the catastrophic failure of the wheel.  Is that acceptable to you?  It isn’t to me.  I personally do not want to ride a product that could disintegrate when I go down in a turn during a race.  Which is something that happens to crit riders all the time.  However, I still don’t believe that is what happened.  I know that I wasn’t there, and I am not an expert, but this is silly.  They start with rider error, and now they seem to be blaming every other part on the bike.  This should be interesting.  Mavic makes some good products, the Open Pro rim being one of them, but it may be time to pull the plug on this one.


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